Monday, April 7, 2014

Water Slide Decal Easter Eggs DIY Tutorial

Here is a great Easter project using printable water slide decal paper to create your own custom decals for Easter eggs.

With printable decal paper any image you desire can be put on an egg. Imagine the possibilities! Super heroes! Botanical prints! Victorian Easter Bunnies and Chicks! Mermaids! Woodland creatures! Circus! Flowers! Zombies! (I'm not gonna judge!)

I chose to go with pin up girl bunny images for my eggs however, because I can't limit or control myself (I want it all!!) I also picked a few silhouette images. Somehow these two random themes ended up going really well together.

For this project you will need:

Water Slide Inkjet Decal Paper 
Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray
Blown Out Eggs

You can purchase already blown out eggs or do them yourself.

Okay, let's get started!

Step 1
Find the images you want to use and place them in a word document. Resize the images to the size you want.
Here are some great free graphic sites where you can find images to use:
The Graphics Fairy
The Vintage Moth
Karen's Whimsy

Step 2
Print out the images as instructed  for your water slide decal paper. For mine it said to set the paper setting to "glossy photo paper" and use the "best" resolution setting. I would recommend printing two sheets so you have an extra of each decal in case of mistakes.

Let the printed sheet dry for 30 min. then spray it with a coat of the acrylic spray. You will want to do 2-3 coats of the spray allowing each coat to dry for 30-60 minutes.

Step 3
Cut each image out with scissors.

Step 4
Place the decal in a small bowl of warm water. As soon as you can feel the film start to loosen from the paper remove it from the water.
Note- My decal paper instructions said to leave the decal in the water 45-60 seconds until it starts to separate from the paper. However, I found it worked much better if I removed the decal as soon as I could start to slide it away from the paper. This was about 10-15 seconds.

Step 5
Slide the decal onto the egg by carefully pulling it off the paper backing.

Step 6
With your fingers carefully work the air bubbles out until you have a smooth flat wrinkle free decal. This step took some practice and patience. (This is where having an extra decal of each image comes in handy.) It took me quite a few tries to get a method down of stretching and smoothing the decal with my fingers to get it smooth and wrinkle free.

Step 7
Once all the air bubbles are gone rub over the decal with a dry q-tip or paper towel to dry it and firmly adhere it to the egg.

Step 8
Display and enjoy your eggs!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Mystery Of Sherlock's Missing Mom

My April Fool's resolution is to have a consistent schedule with blog posts. I don't know that April Fools resolutions are any less likely to happen than New Years resolutions so why not?

In the meantime here is little highlight reel to catch you up on my life this week. Cause lord knows you need that.

First Reid was almost murdered because of auto correct while we were discussing our upcoming move to Madrid:
He quickly assured me it was auto correct and I quickly assured him I never wanted to hear "big" and "SG" used together again. Now that I think about it I should have put a ban on the use of "walkies" too.

Speaking of death... Our pup Sherlock has come up with a very subtle way of letting us know he thinks he needs more food. He "dies" by his food bowl. It's pretty heartbreaking the poor neglected little thing. As you can see from his large pot belly we are clearly not feeding him enough.
Speaking of neglect... I have been very engrossed in a cool easter craft project (which I will do a post about) but apparently all this concentration on crafting has made me a bad mommy. Yesterday I looked up to discover this:
And less than 1 minute after untangling him from the miles of bakers twine he walked out on the balcony and came prancing back in carrying my new lantern in his mouth!
I'm sure my stopping instantly to photograph these naughty escapades taught him a lesson.

And finally here is a sneak peek of the Easter craft project that has been the cause my very poor parenting:
I made these eggs using inkjet water slide decal paper. In my next post I will put up photos of all the eggs I've made as well as a step by step DIY tutorial I'm working on so you can make some too! Please keep your fingers crossed that poor neglected little Sherlock will survive til then!