Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar

Jakarta Diaries 2:
Today I went grocery shopping with Ibu Kasih, our maid. She speaks very little English and I speak even less Bahasa but I was somehow supposed to communicate to her what foods I would like or any dinner preferences I have. I followed along behind her and she picked everything with the exception of using charades, pantomime, whatever it took to communicate to her that I wanted a large Swiss Milk Chocolate bar when we passed the candy section. Oh, and I pointed at a papaya.

Traffic in Indonesian is insane. It can take two hours to go to the store one day and twenty minutes for the exact same trip the next. There are scooters and motorcycles everywhere and they carry anything and everything! I've seen chickens in cages, huge flat screen tv's and families of 4 on a single scooter.

Cars squeeze into any free crevice of space on the road and lanes seem to be regarded as more of a suggestion.

Yesterday on the way to pick Reid up from the Embassy, Pak, our driver, taught me my first word in Indonesian: "macet." (Traffic) Today when I said it Pak was absolutely thrilled. He broke into a huge grin, laughed, and said "Mrs. Stesi! I like! I very like!" and he gave me a coffee candy.

Then he started teaching me numbers 1-10 in Indonesian. When I repeated them back correctly he exclaimed enthusiastically, "Good! Good! Mrs. Stesi very smart!" Then he gave me another coffee candy.

I couldn't help but think of the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon starts feeding Penny chocolates to secretly train her by using positive reinforcement.

In other news it is a minimum of 89 degrees here morning, noon, and night. I am a hot mess at all times. Trying to put make up on a face already dripping with perspiration is pointless. My visions of frolicking about Indonesia looking something like a modern day tropical pin up girl have been replaced with the futile hope that the sweaty bangs plastered across my forehead won't dry like Alfa from the Little Rascals when I enter a building with air conditioning.


  1. I love your stories of Indonesia. Can't wait to read more :)

    1. Thank you Charlotte! I'm so glad you enjoy them. Everything in Indonesia seemed to be an adventure!