Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Custom Kitchen Aid DIY

Reid surprised me with a brand new kitchen aid the other day. After my squeals of glee I immediately did what everyone does when they get something brand new- started figuring out how to paint it. It wasn't the wrong color mind you it was red exactly as I wanted. Well, at least it would be exactly as I wanted as soon as I figured out how to paint a pin up girl on it. I have had this idea in my head ever since I saw a custom painted Kitchen Aid by Nicole Dinardo of Un Amore in a give away. (I didn't win.)

I wanted to do mine similar to this:

Although I found some great online tutorials on how to repaint an entire kitchen aid a solid color it seems the only way to get a custom painted design like I wanted is to have a professional artist like Nicole do it using an airbrush. Her work is amazing, but unfortunately out of my budget. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I'm extremely tenacious when I get an idea like this in my head so I kept searching until I found a solution! I discovered some clever crafty people have started making vinyl decals in all sorts of designs specificaly for customizing Kitchen Aids! You can find them for sale online at sites like Etsy or Ebay. They are inexpensive, easy to apply, and I was able to find designs to get exactly the look I wanted. 

I ordered some cherry decals from HensInDaisies on Etsy and these pin up decals from Amazon. (The pin up decals are actually made for autos, but I figured cars and Kitchen Aids are both metal so it should be just fine.)

I will show you how I did mine (and how you can too!) step by step:

1. You want to start with a clean kitchen aid. Any grease or residue will prevent the decals from sticking properly. I had an advantage here since mine was new. But if yours isn't just give it a good scrubbing. Once your kitchen aid is thoroughly clean wipe it down once with some rubbing alcohol or vinegar. 

2. Cut the decals out so you don't have a bunch of extra space around them.

3. Now the fun part! Plan out where you want each decal to go. I actually taped the decals on to do this so I was sure I liked the spacing and placement.

4. Now the really fun part! Start sticking! The auto decals were like a regular sticker. I simply removed the backing and stuck them on. I used a bone folder to smooth them down. (This is a tool I have because I'm a former librarian and a also a huge crafter. If you don't own one, no sweat. You can use a Popsicle stick or the handle of a butter knife or spoon.)

5. More Sticking! The vinyl decals come sandwiched between two sheets. To apply them first remove the heavy white backing. Now the decal will be exposed. Place the exposed decal side against the kitchen aid keeping the light wax top sheet still attached. Rub over the top of the wax sheet using a bone folder or Popsicle stick to apply the decal. (The fancy name for this step is called "burnishing.")

6. Now the funnest part! Slowly peel off the wax paper sheet. Tada! The decal will be perfectly affixed underneath!
I think it turned out great and I love that I was able to give it a custom look doing it myself and for under $30! Now it's your turn!

That's all there is to it!  See?  You can do that!

Here is my completed kitchen aid:


  1. LOVE!!!!!!! (What happened to Pinocchio?)

    1. Heidi, Pinocchio now has a pin up harem! He's a very happy guy!

  2. Love it! Dawnya

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    2. Thanks Dawnya! It was a really fun project!

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    1. Thank you! You are pretty amazing yourself!

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    1. Thank you so much. I enjoyed doing it.

  5. Fantastic! It's so you...