Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beer Makes Everyone An Artist

As fun and exciting as travel is, living a life where you are constantly uprooted can be hard. To help with the adjustment it's important to get out, explore, and meet new people.

Although Reid and I know this is true it is very easy to fall into a pattern of school and study for one of us and lounging in yoga pants, watching Lifetime movies, baking scones, and forgetting to shower for the other. (One of us obviously knows how to do it right.)

To prevent us from becoming weird disconnected hermits while we are here in DC we have set a goal of going out and doing "something" twice a week. The "something" can be anything that gets us out but preferably something social and free (or inexpensive). Because I have the most free time (unless it's Tainted Love Tuesday on Lifetime) I am relationship cruise director and plan our outings for each week. One event I found that has been our favorite by far is Handi Hour at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Handi Hour is an ingenious combination of a craft night and happy hour. There are all-you-can-craft projects, live music, craft beer,  and food. This is all going on in a beautiful museum setting among incredible works of art!

Shrinky Dinks and friendship bracelets were the featured crafts for this month's Handi Hour.

Ordinarily I am not the greatest at setting goals. Or thinking ahead. Or being prepared. Or remembering where I parked my car. But when it comes to the important things in life, like crafts I am completely on it.

I searched online ahead of time for creative project ideas using Shrinky Dinks and found this amazing 3D layered ring design which I absolutely love. There was even a printable template and step by step tutorial.

The author said she chose her windmill landscape design because she lives in Holland. I decided to use the same inspiration and do a Washington DC design for my ring. I printed out a small DC skyline silhouette to bring and use as my template.

Reid, who is not a crafter, decided to help me on my ring. He picked the most detailed building of the three to cut out and did an amazing job!

We met a really nice couple sitting across from us. 

I liked them even though they were drawing professional looking Shrinky Dinks freehand. I felt much better after learning she is an art teacher. She also makes gorgeous purses, clutches and other leather goods. Take a peek at her work in her online shop!

Fortunately, all the time we invested slowly and meticulously cutting my rings out really paid off. The design turned out perfect!

Unfortunately, the sizing did not. Wow. Shrinky Dinks REALLY shrink don't they?

Crafting blunders and all we had a really fun night out. 

I love that there are more than just 20 somethings attending.
Remember making these?!
What events do you enjoy where you live?

Have any great ideas for low cost fun?

If you are in the DC area the next Handi Hour will be June 11.


  1. Is that the Washington Monument or are you just happy to... oh, nevermind. This joke is lame.

    1. Ha ha Daniel! I don't know that it's ever stopped you before. ;)